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Wikia has grown a lot over the years. The site began as a simple wiki hosting service, but since then it has evolved into the web's best entertainment knowledge-sharing platform. Wikis are the core of that, and we've been working hard to attract even more fans to your communities while also building new ways to contribute to the site. That began earlier this year with the debut of Fandom news and stories in our first market, the United States, and continued with the global launch of Discussions to better facilitate passionate conversations.

Today, we're excited to announce the next big step in our evolution. On October 4th, will officially become known as Fandom powered by Wikia. Wikia, Inc will continue to be our parent company, but the website itself will be known as Fandom.

We know you'll have a lot of questions. We'll address some of the most important information about this rebrand below, and have a detailed FAQ (click here to read) where you can find more in-depth information.

  • What is Fandom powered by Wikia? Fandom powered by Wikia, or simply Fandom, is the new brand name for the largest entertainment fan site in the world. Fandom offers fan knowledge on wikis, news and stories (which will soon be launched in additional international markets and languages), and passionate conversations on Discussions. With 360,000 fan communities, 190 million global monthly uniques, 43 million pages of content, and original stories and videos capturing the most interesting and relevant pop culture moments, we are the fan's voice in entertainment.
  • Why are you rebranding? We want to enrich and grow the fan experience in ways that only being a media brand allows. Having one name—Fandom—that best reflects the broad experience rather than just part of it ties the whole site together under one powerful brand. And, we feel that the term Fandom best represents who we are: a comprehensive entertainment destination for fans to celebrate what they love.
  • What changes will I notice? You will see an updated global navigation bar across the entire platform that incorporates the Fandom powered by Wikia logo. We will also have a new corporate home page at focused on advocacy and charitable efforts. Additionally, in a number of languages, you will see dynamic new homepages that showcase popular communities to explore. In time, this will be rolled out to all of our supported languages.
  • Will my URL change to We do not have any plans to change URLs at this time. It will still be Wiki names will also remain the same.
  • Will my wiki change? Your content will remain exactly the same. Wikis are a source of fan knowledge and represent the factual backbone of what Fandom has to offer. New content, like Fandom news and stories, complement your wikis by drawing from that information, highlighting your factual content, and providing in-depth analysis and conversation on pop culture.
  • Will this affect my wiki's SEO? No. Our SEO analysts have determined that the rebrand will not impact SEO.
  • Why is this good for my wiki? By building greater brand awareness around Fandom powered by Wikia, we'll be even better positioned to bring your hard work out into the entertainment world, draw the attention of more fans, creators, and brands to your wiki, and bring you a more robust fan experience.

Those are the major ideas behind our rebranding, and we go much more in-depth on all of those points in our FAQ page. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments or by contacting us directly.

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