Are you a fan of Jacksepticeye? Or know someone who is?

Then come and take a look at the Jacksepticeye Wiki, featuring content ranging from the video games played to YouTube friends and of course, the man himself.


The wiki is centered around Irish YouTube personality Seán McLoughlin, best known as Jacksepticeye. He creates videos on gaming and skits but also performs monthly charity livestreams.

While he is majorly more known through YouTube and amasses millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram, unfortunately the wiki doesn't generate the same buzz compared to other YouTuber wikis.


The wiki was originally founded on May 1, 2014 by Gabeharrison49. After a period of inactivity from both the founder and the two bureaucrats, the wiki has ceased further activity.

Edits have been made sporadically from both signed-in and anonymous users, with the majority of edits being made by me as the sole editor.

Why do you need help?

Due to unforeseen circumstances and time zones, I cannot tend to the wiki as much as I would like, which is why I am requesting new contributors to join. Please share the wiki to any Jacksepticeye related post or project if you are interested.

What needs to be done?

The wiki mainly needs a bunch of pages turned into informative articles about the video games Jack plays. We aim to cover every single game possible. The current articles available also need general up keeping with updated facts and information every now and then.

Other notices

The home page is currently having an overhaul.

I am considering creating the wiki's first ever Discord server and Twitter account in the future, but I will need more time to think about that.

Please be aware that this site contains profanity. If you are interested, please contact me on my message wall and we can get started.
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