Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 21 February 2014

Admin Showcase: Tarna from Vintage Patterns

Happy Friday, everyone! Michael here, from Wikia's Community Development team. Hope you have all had a fantastic week so far -- we have had a wonderful week here on the Community Development team, mainly because we are still riding high on our recent in-person office visit from Vintage Patterns admin Tarna ! 

Tarna is a stellar contributor who has managed Vintage Patterns (along with Petit Main) since 2007, and has over 147,000 edits to her name. Wahoo! Not only is Tarna a super contributor and leader, but she's also really cool and fun. We all adored spending time with her in our San Francisco headquarters. See for yourself in the video!

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 11 February 2014

Featured Wikian: Ilan xd

Hello again, friends! It's time yet again for an entry from our Featured Wikian series. This week, I am very excited to introduce Ilan xd !

Ilan is an Admin on the Grand Theft Auto wikia (generally known around here as the "GTA" wikia). According to his fellow Admin, LS11sVaultBoy, Ilan " so dedicated that you just don't understand." Oh snap! Well, with over 12,000 edits to his name on GTA, Ilan xd is clearly an amazingly prolific contributor. Not only that, he's nice! Newer contributors to the GTA community regularly seek out his help and guidance.

We're so pleased that Ilan is part of the Wikia family, and I'm thrilled to be able to feature my recent conversation with Ilan, below. Enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I'm just s…

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 8 February 2014

IVT Visit in San Francisco: Jormun

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! I hope you all had a fabulous week. We certainly had an amazing week here at Wikia HQ in San Francisco! The reason? On Monday, we had a very special visit all the way from Russia - Jormun (aka Sergej) , a Russian volunteer from our International Volunteer Team!

The International Volunteering Team (also known as "the IVT") is a group of super passionate community members from all over the globe who love Wikia and who also love to help and support our communities in their local languages. They are closely connected to the community and regularly report on upcoming products, help in identifying new topics and needs that haven't been addressed yet, and surface new and exciting wikias by creating spotlights, sliders…

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 4 February 2014

Featured Wikian: SJenson

Hello there, my fellow Wikians! Michael here, from Community Development. Hope you're all having a fabulous week so far! 

Lots to talk about today, so let's get started, shall we? First, I want to share my excitement about the new and improved Featured Wikan page! Thanks to my colleague Mark , we now have a beautiful, clean page to feature all of our past Featured Wikians. There's also a new page (with a handy button!) where you can go to nominate your peers to be featured in this series, too. I am so happy to have had Mark's help in creating the new page to honor all of you and your contributions to the community - I do hope you like the new page as much as I do. We're also lucky to have a talented team of designers here at Wikia, and we o…

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 28 January 2014

Featured Wikian: Jiskran

Howdy, Wikians! Michael here, from Wikia's Community Development team, checking in with an extra special edition of the Featured Wikian series. Today, I am honored to feature the contributions of none other than Jiskran!

Jiskran received several nominations from you -- the Community -- and it's easy to understand why. Everyone seems to love his amazingly positive demeanor, helpful attitude, intellect, and all round awesomeness. Speaking of awesome, since joining the Dumbledore's Army Role Play wikia, Jiskran has racked up nearly 38,000 edits -- all since July of 2012!

Jiskran has all of the qualities of a great Wikia community member, and I hope his answers below inspire you as much as they inspire me. Oh, and be sure to read all the way to …

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