Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 14 April 2014

Featured Wikias: AwesomeOrange89's Favorite Wikias

Hey everybody! Michael here, checking in from Wikia's Community Development team with another edition of my new Featured Wikias program!

The Featured Wikias program was designed to introduce you, the Community, to members whom you may not have met before, as well as wikias you may not have seen before or visited. Today's community member, AwesomeOrange89, is a great example of the type of user this program was designed for - someone who is active on many different wikias, and who clearly loves community collaboration! AwesomeOrange89 has curated a list of his favorite wikias for you, and I hope you enjoy reading all about them, below!

Hello fellow wikians! Today, I get the privilege to blog in the “Featured Wikias” blog. Well let’s get start…

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 9 April 2014

Featured Wikias: Miyanlove's Favorites

Hi there, everyone! Hope this finds you well today, wherever you may be in the world. It's Tuesday evening here in San Francisco, but maybe it's already Wednesday morning in your part of the world? I say that, because sometimes it's easy to forget just how international the Wikia community is, with community members in practically every time zone in the world, and from all corners of the earth! I absolutely adore "meeting" community members from different places, and learning about what they love on Wikia, because it's such a great way to learn about new communities. So today, it's a special treat to be able to introduce you to Miyanlove, from Malaysia! 

Miyanlove is an Admin in the Natsume Yuujinchou community, and is on her way to becomin…

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 1 April 2014

Admin Showcase: Jamie and Peteparker from The Marvel Database

Happy Monday, Wikians! Michael here, checking in with another edition of the Admin Showcase -- this time, featuring two very special admins from The Marvel Database , Jamie and Peteparker!

We recently had the good fortune of hosting Jamie and Nathan (who goes by Peteparker in the Wikia community) in our San Francisco office for a couple of days. In addition to learning a lot from these two community superheroes, I think it's safe to say we also now have two new best friends after getting to spend some time with them. It's clear that Jamie and Nathan love being a part of the Wikia family and that they believe in the power of community collaboration. Just take a look at their stats for evidence of that amazing collaboration in action: 122,000…

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 27 March 2014

Featured Wikian: Tocinoman

Hi everyone! Michael here with an extra special edition of Wikia's Featured Wikian program!

I know, I know, it's been a while since I last checked in, and some have been wondering if we did away with the Featured Wikian program. Don't worry -- the Featured Wikian program is here to stay. I'd like to make up for my brief absence from the staff blog by showcasing one of our most dedicated admins in the Wikia Community: Tocinoman!

So, why is today's Featured Wikian entry so special? Well, Tocinoman agreed to introduce himself to the Wikia Family by video! 

Nukapedia Admin and future astronaut -- listen to Nick talk about his path to Wikia, his tips for newbies, and his plans for the future. Enjoy!

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 25 February 2014

NEW: Featured Wikias Blog Series

Hello, hello, everybody! It's time for another dispatch from the Community Development corner. Today I have something very special in store for you! It's a new blog series I'm rolling out called "Featured Wikias."

My Featured Wikias series is going to be similar to my Featured Wikian series, except this time, I'm selecting members of the Wikia community to share their favorite wikias with you and explain why they think these communities are special. Members who are selected to participate may choose to feature communities that they themselves work on, or, communities that they simply enjoy visiting. The goal of my new series is to introduce you to new communities you might not have seen before, and also introduce you to fellow wikians who h…

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