Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 23 June 2014

Featured Wikias: Pinkachu

Hi everyone! Michael here, checking in with another dispatch from my Featured Wikias series. I realize it's been a while since we did one of these, but I think after you read all about my new friend Kim and her favorite Wikia communities, you'll forgive me :-)

Kim (aka Pinkachu ) is a true superstar admin and believer in the power of collaborative communities. In addition to being a widely respected admin in the Wikia community, she's also an experienced PC/Network technician and an ex-police officer who happens to love gaming, painting ceramics, singing and, of course, editing on Wikia. There's no way I can write any sort of intro that will do Kim justice, so please enjoy reading about Kim and her fave communities in her own words!

Hello. M…

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 20 June 2014

Admin Showcase: YazzyDream from Gravity Falls

Khoor Zlnldqv, dqg kdssb Iulgdb wr brx doo!

Oh, what's that? You're not fluent in the Caesar cipher used in episodes 1 - 6 of Gravity Falls? I feel bad for you. Luckily, Wikia's Gravity Falls community admin YazzyDream can help! We recently had the good pleasure of hosting YazzyDream in our San Francisco offices as part of our Admin Visit program, and it's safe to say we're all Gravity Falls fans now. Yazzy is an artist, designer, music enthusiast, and now, we hope, a fan of our hometown of SF.

We learned so much talking to Yazzy about the Wikia community. Check out the video below of her visit and be sure to say hi to Yazzy if you see her around the community!

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 2 May 2014

Admin Showcase: Zephyr135 from The Recipes Wikia

Happy Friday, everyone! The weekend is upon us, and if you're like me, you're probably looking forward to relaxing a little this weekend. For me, relaxing on the weekend always involves some sort of yummy food or a special meal (as a break from my usual diet of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at lunchtime during the week). As a wannbe foodie, I regularly lurk on the Recipes community  to find inspiration for my weekend cooking experiments -- so it was a very special treat to be able to host Zephyr135 from the Recipes community in our SF office!

Zephyr135 is a long time community member and also active in our Games communities (especially in The Last Remnant community). We always love getting perspectives from members who dabble in multip…

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 29 April 2014

Featured Wikias: JPhil2.0's Favorites

Hey there, Wikians! Michael here, checking in with an *epic* edition of my new Featured Wikias blog series. Why is it epic, you ask? It's epic because of today's guest blogger -- JPhil2.0 -- contributor to the Epic Rap Battles of History community and Admin on the Whoniverse Fanon community!

JPhil loves to help out in the community and is active on many different wikias. One thing I love about JPhil's profile on the ERBH community is that he makes himself available for help and explains what he loves helping with. In addition to all of this, JPhil also happens to be fluent in Latin, and is a member of the Wikia Language Brigade! All I can say is, "Quid prodest homini!" Read all about JPhil and the communities that he has curated for you thi…

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 21 April 2014

Featured Wikias: Queennicolee's Favorites

Hello once again, everyone! Or, should I say, g'day mates! (Sorry, I realize no one in Australia actually says that, but I just couldn't resist).

This week we're proving once again just how international we are and introducing you to Nicole, from Australia! Nicole will probably never talk to me again after my "G'day mates" greeting above, but I'm delighted to be able to introduce you all to her. Not only does Nicole have thousands and thousands of edits to her name, but judging by the communities she has curated for you this week, she has excellent taste in Anime series, as well. Of course, as a power user on Wikia, Nicole also loves collaborating with Wikia's international community and helping out where she can. So, if you were ever inter…

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