Hey everyone! Michael here, from Wikia’s Community Development team. My name may be new to many of you -- I just joined Wikia in May of this year, and I am still getting to know everyone in the community!

As Director of Community Development, one of my pet projects is Wikia’s Admin Showcase - a visiting admin program that allows us to invite community admins to Wikia HQ in San Francisco for meetings, feedback, and conversation about how we can be of service to you.

We have met some amazing community members so far through this program, and we have received fantastic product and community insights. Those insights, thoughts, and suggestions from visiting admins make their way into our development pipeline, and help us deliver improvements that (hopefully) have a positive impact on your experience within your communities.

I’m excited to report that this month, we experienced a first in the history of our admin visit program: not only were we able to host TombRaiser, from the English Elder Scrolls community, but we were also able to host Gurgate -- the admin of the Japanese Elder Scrolls wikia!

Never before have we hosted two international admins at the same time, so we definitely wanted to give them an opportunity to sit down and chat about their communities and the future of the Elder Scrolls franchise. Lucky for you, we recorded the meeting, and you can see the video here.

How do you interact with international communities on Wikia? Does your community cooperate with different language versions of the same community elsewhere? Drop me a line or comment below with your experiences and thoughts!

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