Hello once again, everyone! Or, should I say, g'day mates! (Sorry, I realize no one in Australia actually says that, but I just couldn't resist).

This week we're proving once again just how international we are and introducing you to Nicole, from Australia! Nicole will probably never talk to me again after my "G'day mates" greeting above, but I'm delighted to be able to introduce you all to her. Not only does Nicole have thousands and thousands of edits to her name, but judging by the communities she has curated for you this week, she has excellent taste in Anime series, as well. Of course, as a power user on Wikia, Nicole also loves collaborating with Wikia's international community and helping out where she can. So, if you were ever interested in diving into the wonderful world of Wikia's Animanga communities, you should connect with Nicole and check out the communities she has highlighted today.

Read all about Nicole and her favorite Wikia communities, below!

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Hi! :) My username is Queennicolee, but call me Nicole. I can't think of any usernames when I first started wikia last July 14, 2013 and "queen" randomly came up on my mind. I currently live in Australia. I was inspired by Miyanlove's and AwesomeOrange89's blogs so I decided to join the Featured Wikias program.

I love anime and mangas, particularly romantic-comedy types. They are the ones that keep entertaining me when I'm bored. I also like editing photos on my free time. I usually contribute to the Skip Beat! wikia, the Toradora! wikia, the Ouran wikia, the Wallflower wikia and the Logo Creation wikia.

The Skip Beat community is the wikia I visit the most right now. The manga series is still running after twelve years and it's still awesome! I enjoyed other adaptions of the series too, like the live-action and the anime adaption. I adopted this wiki last year, at the end of December and I express my thanks to all who contribute and/or visit the wiki because it's having more viewers, nearly 20k views per week :D

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The Toradora! wikia is one that I've founded. I didn't like the original Toradora! wiki, it didn't have any active administrators or community and I was fairly new to Wikia back then so I wasn't aware of adopting wikias and created a new wikia instead. Now, the original Toradora! wikia is merged to the wikia it is now, exceeding over 1.5k views everyday :)

The Wallflower wikia , is another one of the wikias I adopted. The plot interests me, so I really like this community. It's also "reverse-harem" like the Ouran Highschool Host Club wikia. The Ouran community is the first wikia I've contributed to and the community is very friendly and have kind admins! 

Meanwhile, I'm also an active creator at the Logo Creation wikia . In this community, I can express my love of photo editing, practice my skills and also help other wikians at the same time!

Finally, thank you, for letting me feature these amazing wikias. Make sure to visit them too! :)

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