Hi everyone! Michael here, checking in with another dispatch from my Featured Wikias series. I realize it's been a while since we did one of these, but I think after you read all about my new friend Kim and her favorite Wikia communities, you'll forgive me :-)

Kim (aka Pinkachu ) is a true superstar admin and believer in the power of collaborative communities. In addition to being a widely respected admin in the Wikia community, she's also an experienced PC/Network technician and an ex-police officer who happens to love gaming, painting ceramics, singing and, of course, editing on Wikia. There's no way I can write any sort of intro that will do Kim justice, so please enjoy reading about Kim and her fave communities in her own words!

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Hello. My name is Pinkachu. Well, it's really Kim, but I've been beta testing this really awesome MMO called WildStar and Pinkachu will be my main character.

I have been a Wikia user for a few years now due to my MMO addiction. I followed to Wikia when that site was moved and found the community at Wikia to be really awesome! Ever since then, I have used the Wikia for some of my other MMO's  I've played, such as Tera, Rift and more recently, FFXIV and Dragon's Prophet. It's not that I couldn't play these games without a wiki, but when it comes to boss fights my group keeps wiping on, or lore items I just can't find, what better place to look for the answers than Wikia? There are other uses too, like where to find that awesome vanity pet, or where do I find the materials to level my crafting or gathering skills? A well built Wikia has all those answers. If I end up finding the answer on my own or somewhere else, then what better way to help the next person, than to come back to Wikia and contribute!

So, it totally made sense to me when I found out about this new MMO called WildStar last year that I would start looking for more information. Naturally I searched for WildStar Wikia in Google and found one. I checked it out, but unfortunately it had been created, but pretty much abandoned, so I had no choice but to look elsewhere. I did find answers to my zillions of questions by searching the web and the Official game site and guess what I did with them. I started building the Wikia for myself and for the next person. Today I am the Bureaucrat and a very active Admin at WildStar Wikia and thanks to a recent partnership between Wikia and the game developer Carbine Studios, as well as the addition of three more Admins, my Wikia has blossomed in ways I hadn't dreamed of.

I will tell you however that Wikia isn't just about games, or films sites, or other forms of entertainment. I was diagnosed last year with a medical condition called IBS that while not terminal in any way, is incurable and and can be very embarrassing if I have attacks in public. Thanks to the Psychology Wikia, I found that my condition can be somewhat controlled via medication and diet and I better understand what it is and how to live with it.

Another favorite site is the Answers wiki. Just toss in a question and go from there!

Curious about something? Bet there's a Wikia for that. No? Start one! Wikia has an awesome community that you can draw from. They have a Community Chat room with very helpful people in it 24 hours a day. That's how I found out about the Adopt A Wiki program and how to fix my Navigation for the first time after my adoption went through. I started editing with the Visual editor and before I knew it, I was strictly using source code. Plenty of resources on Wikia to help you get started on contributing or making a Wikia of your own. Thanks to the helpful community here for making me feel at home.

Are you a power user who enjoys being active in the Wikia community and who would like to take part in this new blog series? Please leave me a message on my message wall and let me know (in a few words) why you would like to participate and what communities you'd like to feature.

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