Hey everybody! Michael here, checking in from Wikia's Community Development team with another edition of my new Featured Wikias program!

The Featured Wikias program was designed to introduce you, the Community, to members whom you may not have met before, as well as wikias you may not have seen before or visited. Today's community member, AwesomeOrange89, is a great example of the type of user this program was designed for - someone who is active on many different wikias, and who clearly loves community collaboration! AwesomeOrange89 has curated a list of his favorite wikias for you, and I hope you enjoy reading all about them, below!

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Hello fellow wikians! Today, I get the privilege to blog in the “Featured Wikias” blog. Well let’s get started! My my username is AwesomeOrange89. I joined Wikia on August 3, 2013. Wikia has literally been my favorite thing to do ever since. Whenever I’m not on Wikia [which is like, never] I enjoy riding my bike and playing Madden. I also like to attend student government meetings, where I serve as the parliamentarian. So if you ever need any help on parliamentary procedure [IKR I’m a big nerd LOL] you could ask me. Most of all, I love to sing. I do live in this beautiful country called The United States of America. One sentence to describe me would be: a "gleek" who loves Disney!

I am involved with many wikias. Hopefully some of the wikias I am about to mention will interest you enough to come visit. Remember how I said I like Disney? Well I like it so much that I am involved with three different communities based around Disney. I am involved with the Frozen wikia , the Disney Channel wikia, and the Disney wikia.

The Frozen wikia is one of my favorite wikias right now because I loved the movie and all the songs. When I first discovered the wiki not many editors were there. Now we get over 2,000 daily views. I love being a part of the community and getting to write about Frozen and listening 1000 times to “Let it go." Lastly, I love keeping up with all frozen news, like the DVD release in March or that a musical version is coming. Editing at the Frozen Wiki is really easy for me because I love frozen so much!

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I am an admin on the Disney Channel wikia, and I enjoy editing there because the Disney channel is literally the only channel I watch. We are also going international, recruiting admins who speak foreign languages, and have recently topped 1,000 daily views. The Disney Channel wikia was where I got my first admin opportunity and we have improved the wikia a lot. One of our biggest goals is to improve our WAM score - maybe you guys out in the community could help with that?

I enjoy going to the Disney wikia. I spend most of my time there in chat, but I also do maintenance work there. I love this wikia because it incorporates everything that I love. You can find anything about Disney there, from songs to theme parks. The wikia is also ranked #5 in WAM so you can always find a new person to talk to. If there is one thing to know about me is it’s that I love Disney, and I love Wikia. So both of those things put together equal a happy me.

I also enjoy visiting the Despicable Me wikia and the Muppets wikia. The Despicable Me wikia is my favorite wikia simply because of the community (shoutout to Admin DragonKnight86)! The community is really diverse there - we even have a user “SJenson” who lives in China. You can always find someone to talk to there. I started editing there in December but I started viewing the wikia in September. I can’t ever seem to get “Happy" out of my head. And, with the new Muppet movie release I have spent more and more time reading the Muppet wikia. A really cool thing about the Muppet wikia is that the wikia was featured on national TV. My favorite Muppet character is Kermit but I love them all.

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I also enjoy chatting on Community Central because you can always find out new things about Wikia. If you ever need a staff member, that is where they will be. You can't be an admin there, because it's managed by Wikia staff, but it's a great place to learn. The chat is always full so it is not hard to find new users.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite wikias, I know I enjoyed writing about them. I would like to thank Michael for giving me the opportunity to write to you guys. And, I would like to give a shout out to EmperorAguila who is currently writing a new album. If you would like to find more about me you can reach me in chat or on my Message Wall. Thanks again!

Are you a power user who enjoys being active in the Wikia community and who would like to take part in this new blog series? Please leave me a message on my message wall and let me know (in a few words) why you would like to participate and what communities you'd like to feature.

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