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Hello Friends,

Happy Holidays! I hope this dispatch from the Featured Wikian series finds you happy, healthy, warm, and full of holiday cheer :-) I am feeling especially cheerful today, because I have a very, VERY special treat to share with you all today -- a fabulous video entry in our Featured Wikian series, introducing my new buddy, Shrev64 ! 

Shrev is active in the Sly Cooper community, as well as the InFamous community, and, if my prediction holds true, he will one day win a Nobel Prize. This guy is seriously smart and so well spoken! So, please enjoy getting to know Shrev in his own words, and be sure to congratulate him for being the first Featured Wikian on video! My hope is that we can do more of these video entries in this series, so don't forget -- if you know folks in the community who'd make a great Featured Wikian, be sure to nominate them here

Without further ado, meet Shrev64: