The drugs in the teenagers.

Today's teenagers are exposed to these substances at an age where they still feel pressure to do the same as their peers and at a time which tend to reject the advice of adults.

So that drug addiction is a great evil that is at work in society; consumption and distribution of drugs are the cause of, family tragedies, degenerated youth, and physical and mental destruction.

One reason is the famous fashion; if my friends use it, why not? Or just say you do not belong to their lifestyle just by not eating any type of drug.

We can not say that drug use is exclusively due to the problem, by the subject of a troubled or painful situation; there are cases in which consumption starts incited by the group of friends, or just for pleasure.

There are many situations that lead to teen drug use (legal or illegal) of circumstantial or permanently, and compulsive self-destructive way, this behavior can be grounded, finding these substances in support of their inability to discuss such conflicts .

The struggle for drugs is very old, most addicts do many bad things just for the sake of getting the drug or money for it. This need has made to feel dirty their hands in a welfare state, but that welfare is talking if all you do is hurt? The answer is simple, is useless because the consequences will be reflected after you.

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