250px-4th of July Apron Holiday Craft Project

Learn how to make these patriotic aprons on the Easy Crafts Wiki.

America's favorite holiday is just around the corner. While we're sure you have your own traditions and ideas for Independence Day, we couldn't resist sharing a few fun ways to celebrate the occasion. Here are some ideas for a Fourth of July party, inspired by our awesome communities on Wikia.

Tips for a savory barbecue

Most of the country will likely be grilling this coming Monday — why not mix it up and try a new recipe from our Healthy Recipes Wiki? The wiki has a great round-up of summer grilling ideas, including delicious garlic cheesy potatoes and the more classic grilled herb marinated chicken. You can even take it a step further by grilling your dessert this year; the simple grilled pineapple or the more savory grilled peaches with blue cheese are both good ways to put a fun twist on sweets.

Spend the weekend crafting

If crafting is more your speed, why not whip up some of these adorable patriotic aprons for your favorite grill master? If you want to bring the host of a fabulous Fourth of July party a homemade present this year, check out the stars and stripes pillow — it's a quick project that makes a great gift. You could also wear your America pride with these fun patriotic flip flops.

Hang out on Wikia

Maybe the heat will keep you indoors, and you'd rather watch some sports and movies to celebrate. There are still 22 more days before Captain America releases in theaters, but that doesn't mean you can't brush up on some movie facts and watch trailers on the Marvel Wiki.

If you're a baseball fan, spend the weekend enjoying America's favorite pastime; in between games, share your knowledge by editing the Baseball Wiki. Also, you could start learning about American athletes that are hopefuls for the 2012 Olympics in London on the new Olympics Wiki (be sure to add some cool content if you're an Olympics buff).

How are you planning on celebrating the Fourth of July? If you cook up some amazing food or spend some time crafting this weekend, be sure to share it on a wiki! You can also share your plans in the comments below.

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