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  • I live in San Francisco, CA
  • I was born on April 8
  • My occupation is Lifestyle Category Manager
  • I am A Crafty Lady
  • Christina l

    Although we're just hitting mid-November, signs of the holidays are already starting to appear around us. Wikia staff members have begun to reflect on what a busy year it's been.

    We are continually impressed by the community's ingenuity and creativity, and we really need your help in spreading some holiday cheer! To do so, we'd like you to share a message about any and all exciting developments on your wiki in 2011 by uploading photos to the Holiday Card Wiki.

    We will use a collection of these photos as a holiday greeting card hosted on

    It's easy! Simply upload a photo on our Holiday Card Wiki by November 30 if you want your community to be included. The image can be from your user profile, from your community, or anything creative t…

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  • Christina l

    This year, we’re doing something a little different to celebrate the end of the year and all of the great communities on Wikia. Our goal is to create a yearbook of sorts -- something that provides a snapshot of 2011. Over the next few weeks, we'll be gathering stories and highlights from wikis and users to help us piece together this narrative.

    Moving forward, this will be an annual project, and we’re really excited to share it with the Wikia community, and the rest of the world as well. Think of this as a time capsule that captures the big moments in 2011 as seen through Wikian eyes.

    We likely won’t be able to include each and every big moment and suggestions you send us, but we do want to hear from all of you! Here's what we're interested …

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  • Christina l

    As an avid Wikian, you probably spend a lot of time in front of a computer. But we’re sure that you spend a lot of time outside your house, too. The great thing about Wikia is that you can transfer your behavior offline to your behavior online. Enjoy taking pictures? Upload them to a wiki. Watch a lot of movies with friends? Edit articles about your favorite characters.

    One of our newest wikis is all about being outside and exploring the latest trend in food. Have you been noticing more and more food trucks popping up in your city? From San Francisco (where we’re based) to Ohio, New York, and Europe, street food is a growing movement that’s getting even bigger. So, it makes sense that there’s a killer Food Truck Wiki to compliment the trend…

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  • Christina l

    America's favorite holiday is just around the corner. While we're sure you have your own traditions and ideas for Independence Day, we couldn't resist sharing a few fun ways to celebrate the occasion. Here are some ideas for a Fourth of July party, inspired by our awesome communities on Wikia.

    Most of the country will likely be grilling this coming Monday — why not mix it up and try a new recipe from our Healthy Recipes Wiki? The wiki has a great round-up of summer grilling ideas, including delicious garlic cheesy potatoes and the more classic grilled herb marinated chicken. You can even take it a step further by grilling your dessert this year; the simple grilled pineapple or the more savory grilled peaches with blue cheese are both good w…

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