• Cheeseskates

    The title says it all.

    I have planned to clean out all the unpatrolled edits on the Undertale wikia (they stretched down to February 16th). I have succeeded in that task. However, there are some unpatrolled edits which I cannot mark as patrolled, and those are called redirect edits. An example of a redirect edit is this one, which has no "mark as patrolled" button, yet this image shows it has the exclamation mark, meaning unpatrolled edit.

    I have tried URL methods, like action=markpatrolled, and it says "session failure ." I even tried hovering over "mark as patrolled," copied the URL link for the token id, and added it there. It still shows "Session failure," even when the URL text is in the correct spots.

    Is this fixable? If yes, do you exp…

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