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  • I was born on September 18
  • My occupation is Dreamer by day and hero by night
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  • CanBoy67

    Nikara Wikia

    May 11, 2016 by CanBoy67

    Hello Wikia community, I would like to invite you to my wiki Nikara World Wikia the wiki about all things in the world of Nikara. A fictional world full of extraordinary beings called Supernatural Beings or as some people call them occults. On the spiritual side Mystical Beings. Enter into the world of Nikara and explore your creative side. Please come and visit the wiki (btw The wiki is a wip but feel free to add characters and such).

    Users can also make Occult Characters and Evolved Human characters. So come on down to the wiki and if we get enough interested folks we will add a role play wiki so users could role play with there characters. A great wiki for the creative and authors. Come and visit the wiki, make friends, create characters…

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  • CanBoy67

    In need of more users on my wikia Everson House Wiki. In need of admins and rollbacks. 3 2 1 admin spot remaining and 3 rollback spots remaining. Apply now admin spots going quickly.

    To apply for admin go here.

    To apply for rollback go here

    I would like for more users to come to my semi-new wiki Everson House Wiki. This wiki is about a fictional series and is a place to create fictional new characters and such. I want other users to ignite there creativity.

    On the wiki you can create wild and crazy characters. I may also somehow implement some type of battle scenerio and maybe even possibly guilds (if i can figure out how to do it). Weather your creative or not very much Everson House Wiki is the place for you.

    I've always had a profound interest …

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