Caesar213 Caesar213 22 November 2013

Help with SocialIcons

I copied and pasted the code into my wiki, but when I saved the page, they didn't show up. Tell me what happened, 'cause I've been trying to get social icons on there for quite some time.

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Caesar213 Caesar213 11 November 2013

Creation of a new logo.

I'm still in the process of fixing up the wiki, but there's one little favor I need to ask. I need a logo. See, I thought of doing it myself, but I'm not sure which font the show's logo used, or how to do it. I found a bunch of websites that could help you with that, but they're not helpful enough. Any suggestions?

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Caesar213 Caesar213 1 November 2013

Help with some templates

I'm trying to make a template like the one that Wikipedia has at the beginning of an episode list page. Somehow I made the template, but there's a loop detected. I have no idea how to fix it. Any suggestions, or if possible, give me a template that's worth using.

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Caesar213 Caesar213 27 October 2013

Adding social media icons

I'm currently trying to fix a wiki up, and thought of the idea to add social networking icons to the home page. Is there any way to do that?

I thought I'd start off with the Instagram icon, and then move on to Facebook and Twitter. Please help me out here. I need to know how to do this.

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Caesar213 Caesar213 19 October 2013

Help with the Episode List template

I'm trying to create an episode list that's similar to the template on Wikipedia. But I'm not sure how. Help me out.

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