As comments cannot be added to the latest staff blog on the "New look Wikia"

I'll start a page for comments directly related to the Roll-out to more wikis from today.

As more users 'discover' the new look I think it will be interesting to see the feedback from people not involved in the beta testing and who do not normally participate in the discussions at central or on the community help forum, be it for or against the new skins features.

Please list what DOES WORK Better and what does NOT WORK for you as a visitor or an editor/contributor, so that hopefully the staff will take onboard the issues raised and make more tweaks/updates to the new look to cure them & hopefully make it workable for the Editors and Creators of wikis actual Content as well as Wikia Inc. our wikis Hoster.

Non constructive comments

I would appreciate it if people do NOT post general "I hate the new skin" ! type of non-constructive comments, as there are plenty of other blog threads for them to go in already. We (the community on wikia central) have established that a fair number of editors (including me) do not like it as it currently stands & have a number of issues to do with the layout, 'content space' and changes to navigation and access to editing tools in the new Wikia (Oasis) skin.

(NOTE; - I'm happy for Staff to delete such comments from this blog as vandalism) !!


I also think it would be helpfull if Staff could add a link to this Blog from the User_blog:Sannse/New_look_roll-out_--_phase_II Blog that this relates to then Wikia Users have a place for comments directly related to the roll out as comments from users are blocked to allow further pronouncements on the staff Blog of roll out progress! or add a linked blog page for comments from users !

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