Looking at the current listing of blogs it strikes me that very few have anything much to actual say now the Skin change has passed. But the numbers blogs actually posted have risen recently, but quality has fallen and (too) little moderation appears to take place. A number are still blatant attempts at adverts and should be deleted along with things like 'testing' and others with nonsense content to allow the interesting ones to shine and attract comments. We have seen a few informative blogs from users trying to plug their Wiki which is better than posts in the Forum of 'help build my wiki' but they often still forget to put in a link to it ;) - No link = I'll not bother visiting !!! Afew users have posted some very informative blogs with points for discussion or helpful info, but these tend to get lost in the spmmy type blogs that are too prevalent.

Once bloggs have dropped off the top couple of pages trying to follow them is a pain, as the current system does not clearly show ones that have had comments added since you last visited. Also when you visit a blog from page 2 and lower of the list when you return from the blog you get dumped back a page 1of the list which is apain to climbe bagk through the list again. Another flaw is going to them from the recent changes list of comments takes you to the parent blog not the comment you are looking for.

I'm sure I am not alone in finding them frustrating at times & there are probably afew other 'strange' 'features' that others have noticed as well. Perhaps now the some of the skin change issues are being addressed (slowly) we can get the blogs 'tweaked' to make them better.

Staff blogs announcing changes are a useful (great) feature but let down by appearing in the general blog list with no clear indication they are from staff when by a 'new' staff poster. Regulars on central know Sannse and Sarah but others do not and the 'unknown' Staff posts are often not clear unless seen in the staff blog list first. A few more announcements of change before they occur would be good IMO.

What do others think of the blogs system and blogs in general at community Central ?

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