Has any community found a good alternative host to Wikia for their Wiki

As 'New look Wikia' forces us to loose a lot of the previous work done in creating custom skins and customised side bar links to sections of the wiki, as well as forcing sites to have a fixed width. With the visible page that is 50% taken up by Wikias header bar linking to other wikis and the Advert space / recent activity that occupies 30% of the screen width. so in effect content on a page is occupying just 25% of the page in the bottom left of a page initially till you scroll down. Content is getting marginalised with links to other wiki and social sites becoming the New Wiki 'look'.

The new Wikipedia skin gives the content space 80% of the screen width with the header taking a slender 15% (at my screen resolution) after discounting the browser surround and header bars. So on wikipedia we gain some 'content space' while on wikia we loose at least 1/3 from the old skins.

Has wiki got it right, reducing content space to suit the advertisers & links to social networks or do wikipedia have it right by careing more about content and there users (as they carry no ads).

Is there a wiki host site that has the page layout balance right to host wikis with content that will not fit on wikipedia or the other wikimedia sites, as an alternative to wikia. ?

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