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  • BulldozerD11

    Whats going wrong with the layout of blogs ?

    The dividing line between them has disappeared in the listing

    The comment counts are now above the heading so very missleading as to which it applies to

    Got to a second page and get the first apearing below it ?

    Still full of blogs with no relavance to wikia or wikis in general or just plain spam links to other sites

    Edit Now appears fixed - closed blog to comments
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  • BulldozerD11

    The title sums it up !!

    Wikia blogs appear to be the in place to post spam adverts on Wikia !!

    If you want to plug something not related to a Wiki or Wikia it appears to be OK to just post away. As no moderation/clean up appears to happen in this area other than removing some duplicate posts in staff blogs or the odd bit of abuse directed mainly at staff in the New Skin blogs !!.

    Do you the community on Wikia think these spam blogs are acceptable here, as to me they drown out your attempts to publicise you 'own' wiki or discussions about Wikia such as the New skin and other changes that effect the community ?

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  • BulldozerD11

    Looking at the current listing of blogs it strikes me that very few have anything much to actual say now the Skin change has passed. But the numbers blogs actually posted have risen recently, but quality has fallen and (too) little moderation appears to take place. A number are still blatant attempts at adverts and should be deleted along with things like 'testing' and others with nonsense content to allow the interesting ones to shine and attract comments. We have seen a few informative blogs from users trying to plug their Wiki which is better than posts in the Forum of 'help build my wiki' but they often still forget to put in a link to it ;) - No link = I'll not bother visiting !!! Afew users have posted some very informative blogs wit…

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  • BulldozerD11

    As comments cannot be added to the latest staff blog on the "New look Wikia"

    • User_blog:Sannse/New_look_roll-out_--_phase_II

    I'll start a page for comments directly related to the Roll-out to more wikis from today.

    As more users 'discover' the new look I think it will be interesting to see the feedback from people not involved in the beta testing and who do not normally participate in the discussions at central or on the community help forum, be it for or against the new skins features.

    Please list what DOES WORK Better and what does NOT WORK for you as a visitor or an editor/contributor, so that hopefully the staff will take onboard the issues raised and make more tweaks/updates to the new look to cure them & hopefully make it workable for the…

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  • BulldozerD11

    Has any community found a good alternative host to Wikia for their Wiki

    As 'New look Wikia' forces us to loose a lot of the previous work done in creating custom skins and customised side bar links to sections of the wiki, as well as forcing sites to have a fixed width. With the visible page that is 50% taken up by Wikias header bar linking to other wikis and the Advert space / recent activity that occupies 30% of the screen width. so in effect content on a page is occupying just 25% of the page in the bottom left of a page initially till you scroll down. Content is getting marginalised with links to other wiki and social sites becoming the New Wiki 'look'.

    The new Wikipedia skin gives the content space 80% of the screen width with the heade…

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