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Hi, everyone! I’m Brian and I lead the Community Partnerships here at Fandom. In the first installment of our new monthly blog update focusing on partnerships, we’d like to tell you a bit about what we’ve been getting up to with some of our wiki partners and share how we’re working together to make Fandom a fun and rewarding place for editors.

One of our team’s top priorities is obtaining benefits — both tangible and intangible — for editors on the platform’s gaming wikis. Our Partnerships Managers work with numerous game publishers and developers, across the indie to AAA spectrum, to make this happen.

Our partners often provide Fandom Wikis with official materials and in-game assets to enhance the quality of the wiki’s reference content, information on new/upcoming updates, and even editor perks like game codes or merch.

Want to know more? I’ve asked a couple of my teammates to chime in and share some details about our efforts in their respective focus areas:

AAA Gaming Partnerships[]

Ran Li Photo

TITLE: Sr. Community Partnerships Manager
AAA Gaming

RAN: When it comes to AAA publishers and studios, our approach is to continuously grow the connections we have with counterparts on partner community teams. This mutually beneficial relationship is only possible because of the incredible effort that you all, Fandom’s editor community, put into creating and managing the wikis.

As Brian mentioned, one of our main goals is working with partners to give back to the community. In recent months, we’ve partnered with over a dozen top AAA publishers to do so. Here are a couple of examples:

Cyberpunk 2077

As many of you may know by now, Cyberpunk 2077 became a true comeback story for CD PROJEKT RED with the hugely successful release of the Phantom Liberty DLC. However, many of you might not know that Fandom played a role in helping tell their story. Not only did our Community Partnerships team collaborate with CDPR on the release of Phantom Liberty, but we also helped create social media content and video breakdowns of the game’s new features. Our community also got to ask the developers some of their pressing questions about the DLC content in a published Q&A on Fandom. As part of this collaboration, CDPR endorsed the Cyberpunk 2077 Official Wiki, and there are even more rewards in the works.

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty 616x353

Lies of P

South Korean studio Neowiz hasn’t always been as well known as they are now, following the release of their hit Souls-like title, Lies of P. We worked with Neowiz, and some lucky members of our Fandom Stars program, to bring the Lies of P Wiki up to speed for Western audiences. In appreciation for creating this top-tier player resource, Neowiz provided a generous number of early access game codes which we shared with the community. And to top it all off, we worked together to create some fun content along the way to better showcase the game.

AA and Indie Gaming Partnerships[]

Tots Photo

Community Partnerships Manager
Indie Gaming

TOTS: We live in a world where there's a new steam game nearly every 30 minutes, and the vast majority are smaller indie and AA titles. We've had the opportunity to partner with dozens of amazing indies in recent months, and our indie partnerships program is always on the lookout for more exciting games to add to the Fandom Wiki Partner mix. Check out these newest official wikis:

Last Epoch Official Wiki

The latest release of Last Epoch in February is making serious waves in the gaming community, and it's got Diablo IV in its sights. This gem of a game is the brainchild of Eleventh Hour Games, which started as a group of gaming enthusiasts who met online, with no prior experience in game development. Their shared passion has manifested in Last Epoch, a compelling game with a campaign that meanders through nine chapters and five distinct timelines. It also boasts a wealth of endgame content and an impressive array of classes and builds to select from. And there’s also a fully functioning offline mode – making it the perfect match for your Steam Deck. So, if you're into intricate narratives, diverse gameplay, and the freedom to game whenever you want, Last Epoch might just be your next obsession. Visit the Last Epoch Official Wiki.

Last Epoch 616x353

ArcheAge Official Wiki

ArcheAge is an enthralling sandbox MMORPG that offers a whole world of limitless possibilities to gamers. Developed by XL Games, it takes you on an epic journey in the fantasy world of Erenor, where you can fight intense battles, build your own castle, or even become a peaceful farmer. With ArcheAge 2 slated to launch this year, there's never been a better time to jump in and see all that ArcheAge, and the incredibly detailed wiki, have to offer. Visit the ArcheAge Official Wiki.

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria Official Wiki

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is an absolute treat for Tolkien and survival game enthusiasts out there. As you explore all that historic and iconic Moria have to offer, you'll find our wiki a necessary companion on your journey. Return to Moria is filled with challenging puzzles, intense combat, and the full Middle-earth experience. A must-play for any LOTR fan or survival crafting game fan. Visit the LOTR: Return to Moria Official Wiki.

NEXT MONTH: We’ll be back in April with another Community Partnerships update for you. Next time, we’ll highlight how native advertising partnerships are bringing benefits to wiki editors, and we’ll preview our expanding Entertainment partnership program.

Brian Linder
Fandom Staff
Hi! I'm the Director of Community Partnerships at Fandom. My team collaborates with gaming and entertainment partners to make Fandom a fun and exciting place for editors and other site users.
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