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Domain Migration Overview
The Basics
  • In early 2019 all community domains will migrate from to
  • When domains are migrated, all community domains will use HTTPS for increased security.
  • All links will continue to work as redirects to the new links. You don't need to update any links.
  • We are working with an SEO agency to minimize the traffic impact.
October Test
  • In early October we will move an initial 3,200 communities to the new domain.
  • About 600 are English communities, and the rest are international communities.
  • International communities will also have the new language path (i.e. as part of HTTPS support.
  • All migrated communities will be notified ahead of time.
  • Our expert SEO team will monitor the migration to make sure it goes smoothly.
  • We'll post an analysis of the test after a few weeks.
Other Considerations
  • We've appreciated all of your feedback about how non-pop culture communities fit into the domain structure.
  • We'll have an update about that soon.
Questions or feedback? Contact us!

In early 2019 we will be taking another big step for the FANDOM brand: all of our domains will be changing from to That means your wiki’s domain will change from [name] to [name]

We know you will have lots of questions and even reservations. We’re going to address some of the ones we anticipated here, and we’ll answer any other questions you have in the comments below.

  • Why is the domain changing to We haven’t been Wikia for almost two years now. The site continues to evolve under the FANDOM brand. Fans are embracing FANDOM and your communities as a go-to entertainment site. We feel strongly that it’s time to complete the rebrand and embrace the FANDOM brand as fully as the fans have.
  • Why is this good for communities? FANDOM has established itself as a recognizable brand, and the number of frequent readers is growing. By having a much more consistent domain name, we’ll continue to see more fans become avid readers of your community and content.
  • How will this impact your wiki’s traffic? This is a big change for search engines. We are expecting a short-term traffic decrease as a result, but our in-house SEO team is hard at work with a third party SEO company to make the decrease as small as possible.
  • Will the addresses still work? Yes! All addresses will redirect to the new addresses. Older links used on other websites as well as your bookmarks will continue to work.
  • What about non-pop culture wikis? Although our brand is primarily focused around entertainment fandoms, communities on all subjects are supported and will always have a home on FANDOM.

This change won’t be happening for several more months, but we wanted to tell you about it early so there wouldn’t be any surprises down the road. Over the next few weeks we’ll also be talking about our goals and vision for the rest of the year and beyond. While not connected to this domain change, we have some really exciting plans in the works that will further FANDOM’s growth.

We’re here to answer questions you may have, so if there’s anything you’re unsure of then please post in the comments and we’re happy to talk with you about it.

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