We put out the call and you answered. By an overwhelming majority, you told us that you want your communities to take part in The Day We Fight Back, the digital protest against mass surveillance and data collection being held tomorrow, February 11, 2014. Wikia is proud to stand with you.

Our Privacy Policy outlines the data we collect and the way we use it. Outside of these boundaries, Wikia does not share your data without a valid court order. Although we have yet to receive a FISA order or National Security Letter, under the current legal landscape we would be obligated to share your user details in any national security investigation and the request would be classified. We support the need for greater transparency in this process, and The Day We Fight Back is a tremendous opportunity for all of us to promote these goals.

So what happens next?

If you haven't already, start a discussion on your wikia about how your community can help. Harness your creativity to write blog posts, make images, post forum threads, and more. If you need ideas, check out suggestions like this.

Sound off in the comments below and let us know how your community is taking part, and include a link so we can see it. This will be a central place for you to see how other communities are participating. You can also ask for specific help in getting your community ready for the big day. Here are some Wikians who have decided to fight back:

Aside from the ways Wikia will be supporting you directly, there are lots of options for you to step up at the individual level:

  • Change your avatar here and on your other favorite sites to let people know you are part of the protest.
  • Use our custom banner to let everyone who visits your wikia know that you are taking part. To add it, simply place {{w:TDWFB}} on any page where you want to use the banner.
  • You can also hit social media to to tell others about these issues and how important they are to you. Tag everything with the hashtag #TheDayWeFightBack.

What will your wikia be doing for The Day We Fight Back?

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