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Last week we were excited to announce how the South Park wiki kicked off FANDOM's Community Video Program. This new program is an important part of producing Featured Videos that complement the quality of written wiki content across the site and remain up to date. The program is still in its infancy, but, if your wiki is in the Top 1,000 on WAM, we are excited to begin working with you on original scripts that we can produce for your community!

First, let's talk about our basic production process. We have a team of editors dedicated to producing Featured Videos. These editors create a concept for the video, write the script, gather the footage and (sometimes) record voiceover, and then edit the video together so it can be posted to the right wiki page. Depending on the type of video being created, this can take anywhere from a few hours to an entire day, which is fairly normal for 2-3 minute videos you can find across the web.

Our new Community Video Program brings community members into the concept and script writing stage of the production process. If your community wants to volunteer to review scripts, a designated admin or community member can let us know via Special:Contact and then we will send you the scripts. Those reviewers will then check the text to make sure it’s 100% factual, covers all of the important ideas, and has a tone that reflects the style and written content of the wiki.

If your community wants to write full scripts instead of reviewing ours, we have a script submission form that you can use to send us scripts. Our team will then review the script and, once it's finalized, hand it off to one of our editors who will create the video. Once that's done, the video will go live on the site with the name of the person who wrote the script! You can see that on the Kenny page on South Park Archives, which credits Jamesb1 as the writer.

This is just the beginning of our Community Video Program. We're working on a similar process for those of you who have video editing experience and want to produce Featured Videos on your own. We also have a growing number of YouTube partners, which we'll talk to you about soon in a future Community Central post.

In the meantime, we hope to have eligible communities sign up for this new endeavour. We can't wait to work with you!

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