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  • I live in a pineapple under the sea
  • I was born on April 28
  • My occupation is a job, no duh
  • I am here
  • Brainulator9

    I want to rename these pages on my wikia, but I can't. Also, seeing "Discussions Moderator" just looks stupid. Why not "discussion moderator"?

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  • Brainulator9 can make people the following:

    • an administrator
    • another bureaucrat (can be done only once; that is, for you)
    • a rollbacker
    • a chat moderator (accessible through chat; too secretly enable/disable)
    • "bannedfromchat" (see chatmod)

    Others, well, are only accessible to staff. Hope this helps!

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  • Brainulator9

    Update Wikia!

    June 12, 2011 by Brainulator9

    I would like to see all of these updates:

    • Chat
    • Edit tools in Chat
    • Chat in Wikia Labs
    • Achievement Leaderboard
    • Remove category track (that's where people cheat!)
    • No more additional edit tracks
    • On second thought, can we find a CSS and/or JS to disable that?
    • Everything Bryce wants (especially badgemanager)
    • Staff blog
    • No more contest blogs (seriously, these are way off-topic)

    Note that this list is imcomplete; I'll add more updates soon.

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  • Brainulator9

    You don't care. Comments off. >:p

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  • Brainulator9

    Wikis with badges

    February 27, 2011 by Brainulator9

    These wikis have badges,so if you know or run a badged wiki, comment below.

    • Glee Wiki
    • Coffee Wiki
    • Annoying Orange Wiki
    • Liam the Leprechaun Wiki
    • Grapefruit Wiki
    • Grapefruit Fanon Wiki
    • Charlie the Unicorn Wiki
    • Phineas and Ferb Fanon
    • Orangey Foundation
    • Beaus, Admins and Rollbacks Wiki
    • Suite Life Wiki
    • Random-ness Wiki
    • iCarly Wiki
    • The Backyardigans Wiki
    • Random Wiki
    • Counter-Strike Wiki
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