Hello there! I'm BrainDeadZero, and I'm here to promote the New Game! Wikia.

Series info

So, it's a gaming related wiki? Unfortunately, it's not a wiki about new upcoming games. You'll have to search elsewhere for those. This wiki is dedicated to the anime/manga series New Game! by Shotaro Tokuno. Ah, but don't worry. The series does explore some topics on game development.

New Game! is a slice of life/comedy series that mainly focuses on the character team, the team responsible for making in-game characters, monsters, and NPC's. Our main character is Suzukaze Aoba, who joins a gaming company to become the very best character designer like no one ever was. Oh, by the way, pretty much every character in the series is a female.

Sounds cool. What exactly happens in the show? Not much, to be honest (lol). This isn't some big budget, action packed show with 15/10 music, lifelike visuals and amazing plot. It's a pretty chill, laid-back show; something you might want to watch to unwind after a long day at work. I suggest watching 2-3 episodes of New Game! (or a few chapters if you prefer to read the manga) and decide if it's worth your time. Just note that the series contains some fan service. If you're not into these stuff, this series is probably not for you.

Community info

How active is this community? Not that active. I adopted the wiki a while back, and I'm pretty much the only one editing. That's why I made this blog: to attract contributors.

What are your plans once the New Game! Wikia has more content and active users? I'm thinking of eventually establishing proper rules and guidelines. I might also host re-watches of the anime, which may help people to get into the series.

Can you make me admin/bureaucrat/(insert some role here)? If you're an active user and made plenty of contributions, I might consider it. Otherwise, no.

I want to help out, but I don't know much about the series/editing/computers in general! That's okay. We placed some links at out main page to help new users get started. You can also browse Community Central for some help. We're not expecting all users to make a fully sourced article with 50,000 words. We accept any helpful contributions, even if it's a minor spellcheck.

Ready to help out? Here's a link to the New Game! Wikia, in case you missed the first one. If you have any questions, ask there or comment below. Happy editing!

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