• I live in the house of the now deceased Bowser201
  • I was born on April 7
  • My occupation is finishing what my older brother started
  • I am Male
  • Bowser201

    A crisis happened on the Granny Wiki because staff trusted a vandal! There are two users opposing me. They are MattapoisettPatton1 and UppishGames.

    So let's start with MattapoisettPatton1.

    This user's favorite user is a user who adds nonsense categories to pages, named Chromebookdude. When I told Chromebookdude to stop, MattapoisettPatton1 tried to defend him.

    Also, one of his favorite friends is Frypan1234, now logged in to an account called Fryingpan1234, who said "B****" on the Granny Wiki, and now MattapoisettPatton1 made him the assistant leader on the House of Slendrina Wiki.

    Bacck onto the Granny Wiki. Thirdly, there is this user called Ed Soteco. He said "f*** you because of you I will be blocked", so I blocked him. However, Mattapoise…

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