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Today, me, Bob Hartington and Messenger of Heaven, bring you a choice of two roleplays to join, both created by us.

A Doomed Destiny

A Doomed Destiny is a series about a world, named Atlas, that was created after the destruction of the planet Earth. Earth’s destruction was caused by terrible mistakes made by its most powerful human leaders and by the actions of equally disturbing dark forces. Atlas was created as a last attempt of redemption. However, the dark forces soon descended on the heavens of Atlas and left it in ruins. One day, two very strange teenagers with dark secrets concerning the mysterious events that could mean certain doom for Atlas; Zanessa Ogden and Drake Nighy, escape from an unknown town due to some injuries and wander into another village, where they find it harder than ever to keep their secrets. --Created by Messenger of Heaven

Empires of Terrth

Empires of Terrth is a small community of three roleplayers based on the roleplay world Empires of Terrth, which takes place in a 1600s-1800s-esque world called Terrth, in which after a expeditionary platoon blows up a mysterious wall in uncharted territory with TNT, a species commonly called "beasts" or "savages" rampages across the world. It is the job of Michael, Bram, and a platoon of 14 soldiers to save the world. --Created by Bob Hartington


A Doomed Destiny

  • Currently RPing the first episode, great for new RPers to join with ideas.

Empires of Terrth

  • Currently RPing the sixth episode, bigger impact for new members.

Hope to see you on one of them soon! Links:

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