Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Another user's take on how to build/grow/improve a wiki. Well, I'm gonna try to take that to another level, and try to give you new and interesting ideas. If any of you have more ideas you would like to add, post them below in the comments.

General Stuff

There are some general stuff, that should be done in the days after a wiki's creation. The logo, background and favicon (that little picture that appears on your tab) are some of the basics. If the wiki already have stuff like these, think if there is a need to improve them. If there is, how 'bout creating a contest in which users can submit logo ideas? Get cracking!


Okay, lets get over that horrible word. Nobody likes adds. Why? They aren't original these days. But if you don't advertise your wiki nobody will know about it. There are a number of ways to get the word out there:

  1. Facebook: By getting a Facebook page, you can interact with the community and give notices. This is a great and cost free way of growing your wiki. Also, remember to give users as much info about the topic as you do for the wiki, and you'll be a great source!
  2. Community Central: As long as you don't spam spam spam spam (and spam) community central, you could make a blog post here to ask for tips and tell users that their favorite T.V show/movie/book/hobby/etc now has a Wiki!
  3. Apply for spotlight:This is by far the best way to advertise your wiki on wikia. Go here to find out more.
  4. YouTube: A great way to spread the word and grow community if you can find/make some videos.
  5. Community Contests:Show the community that your wiki is confident that they can win any contest!


Sometimes, competing against people is what builds friendship. Make contests that are topic-related or wiki-related, or somewhere in the middle.


Make discussions and get the community involved. Should the template be revamped? How should it look? Should a "No Cheese" policy be made? Get users to voice their opinions and use them wherever you can.


Use statistics and sites like Quantcast to see how things are impacting your wiki. If you have 20 regular editors in March, and cover a new area of your topic and there are 27 user in April, you can clearly see how things are effecting your editors. Remember to also check on visitor statistics. Editors and readers are both important to your wiki.

Make a "spirit" for your wiki

By this I mean you should make things that makes the wiki more fun and users proud to edit there. Make a motto, pillars and maybe even get a mascot (Like Walter, the Community Central mascot).

Educate new Wikia users

These people often have trouble finding their feet, but will be loyal to the wiki which taught them their first words.


Summarize the month for everybody in a well written newsletter. This will give them a chance to realize how the wiki has grown in the month and what the next month's goals are.


This is a very creative concept I think I first saw at the Call of Duty Wiki and then at others. At a certain time, make a special event where users can have a goal to help articles needing cleanup. A reward can be given to the user who worked the hardest.


Users can nominate, vote for and appreciate things on the wiki. Articles, Users and Media can all have their spot on the main page of your wiki.


The old "You do this for me and I'll do it for you." card. This is actually a good idea. Find a wiki to do with a similar topic, then ask a head admin if you can advertise your wiki on theirs with a blog, and allow them to do the same on yours. A great way to grow two wikis.

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