Hello I just wanted to tell about my wiki as a promotion and to help people see it isn't a bad place.

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Fictional Battle Omniverse

Top Things To Know

  1. 1. Profiles are basically all about what's been shown or hasn't been shown we dont do things known as Power scaling because we view this fan made and very inaccurate as anyone can power scale anyone or anything.
  1. 2. Activity of the Wikia I'm right now 24/7 active to keep everything in order and to help people in what they need I'm not a rude or disrespectful person so if members have questions I would be right there to answer.
  1. 3. Sources are a huge difference maker so we like to give out official sources and such when people ask so that way we wont be wrong.
  1. 4. Websites are out their for our Wikia as its used a a fictional source with out little company and such as everything we put is from the sites Versus/FBO Wiki boards as we debate everything from fictional series or non-fictional series.
  1. 5. Promotion of more contributor's we are asking if you like Fictional debating from comics,anime, and or video games we are a closed but also open fictional place and having people expand their knowledge is what we love to do.
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