Hi Wikians!

Many of you have created Facebook pages for your communities to help get news and updates to your readers and editors. Some of you also use your main page to promote the Facebook page of your community's topic. If you use the Like Box plugin/widget to show Facebook content on your wikia, you'll need to update to a newer plugin from Facebook.

Next week (on June 23), Facebook will drop support for the Like Box, which used the tags <fb:like>. But don't worry, the new Page Plugin is available to use, and it's even better! It includes options to:

  • show if any of the viewer's Facebook friends also like the page (taking over the job of the Facepile widget, which is also being retired)
  • show the latest posts from the Facebook page
  • like the page and share it in your own Facebook post
  • adjust how much of the page's cover image will be displayed

We've got some instructions on the social media integration help page, and you can also visit Facebook's documentation to configure the options and generate your own block of code. All you need is the URL of your Facebook page!

Below are some variations on the Page Plugin using Wikia's Facebook URL

<a href="">Wikia</a>
<a href="">Wikia</a>
<a href="">Wikia</a>
<a href="">Wikia</a>

Got questions? Let us know in the comments. Need help? Let us know via Special:Contact.

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