The FANDOM staff blog is a place where users can read news and updates from the FANDOM Community and Product teams. It’s also been a place where staff post advice about how to effectively manage a community, build content, and participate on FANDOM.

Starting today, we’re splitting these two subject matters into separate blogs that users can subscribe to individually.

The main staff blog will continue to focus on news from FANDOM about feature changes and other developments. You can expect to see more information about the development of FANDOM mobile apps and the continuing work around modernization.

The new blog is called Community Management and will feature advice and suggestions for admins and users on FANDOM communities. Popular past blogs on subjects like how to get unblocked and the promotional value of social media have been made part of this blog feed, and we’ll continue to add to it.

As always, we welcome suggestions about topics that you’d like to see covered on either of these blog lists. Thanks for reading!

Bert 100px

Bert Hall FANDOM Staff

Bert is Director of Support & Engagement at FANDOM. He enjoys expanding his deep knowledge of Star Trek, Marvel comics and assorted obscure topics from 80s and 90s pop culture.

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