For the last couple of months we've been talking about the new VisualEditor and its role in Wikia's evolution: helping to make every community a collaborative space for all types of users. Your feedback from the beta release has been very helpful for setting priorities, identifying bugs, and making sure the feature is ready to take its next step into the spotlight. And that time has come!


The new VisualEditor is now available to enable in the Labs section of WikiFeatures. We've been making updates over the past few weeks, to make sure this feature is ready to be the default editing experience for communities that choose to activate it. Those include:

  • Adding options to change the filename and set the license for newly added images
  • Making sure redlinks and Special:CreatePage connect the user to the new editing experience
  • Adding an option for viewing and editing source to the "More" toolbar

Also note that users who prefer to only use source mode can still set their account preferences accordingly.

We're looking forward to hearing about how VisualEditor is working on different communities. Remember that it's still available to try out on the Community Test Wikia. The best way to send us feedback and suggestions is to use the GiveFeedback button that can be found next to all of the Labs options in Special:WikiFeatures. If you're an admin who's enabled VisualEditor, please let us know how the newer users in your community are doing. Has it helped them make better edits?

This is only the beginning of the story! In the new year, we'll be building more tools to manage images and videos, making improvements to template editing, and working toward support for Internet Explorer users. Be sure to let us know what you want to see next for the new VisualEditor!

Update: After enabling the VisualEditor, there may be a 2-5 minute delay before it works on every page on your community. Please be patient, or try holding Shift when you click the edit button. We're working to fix this issue.

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