Project Darwin continues to generate lots of conversation and discussion around Wikia. Thanks to all who have provided feedback thus far, and to all of the communities who've written in and volunteered to be early adopters.

Last week we conducted a webinar about Darwin, and the recording is available to view for those who were not able to attend.

As noted in the webinar, we're still hoping for more feedback in a few areas, to inform decision making.

  • How important is the option to have an image visible behind the content area (by using transparency)? The current fluid background treatment places a solid-color gap in the center of the background image, at larger browser sizes.
  • Should the right rail modules move to below the content area, when desktop/laptop users make the browser window smaller? This happens now, and is the intended behavior for tablets, but keeping the rail on the right side (accessed via horizontal scrolling) may be better for standard computer users.

One question from the webinar Q&A we promised to follow up on was: Will Theme Designer transparency still be visible on tablets?
The answer is: Yes. Although uploaded background images won't load for the tablet-sized layout, the solid background color and transparency set in Theme Designer are still seen.

If you have thoughts or questions about these topics, or anything else related to Darwin's FLUID stage, please let us know in the Forum or via Special:Contact. Your feedback is an important part of the process, and we're looking forward to hearing more from you.

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