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    September 4, 2020 by BertH

    I didn’t have a chance to do this last time, so I wanted to make sure I took a moment to do it now. After spending most of a decade working alongside the Wikia/Fandom community, I want to express what a pleasure it’s been.

    Your dedication, passion and camaraderie has been a daily inspiration to me, and has always motivated me to do the best job I could. I have learned so much working alongside all of you, and I take the wiki spirit with me as I move on. The tenets “Assume good faith” and “Be bold” have cemented themselves in my personal philosophy.

    I’ve met some truly impressive people in this community, and it’s been pretty cool knowing many of you long enough to see you move from one stage of life to another. I feel lucky to have, over the…

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  • BertH

    We come in peace! June 14th marks the 73rd anniversary of the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, NM. Sure, the government says it was a weather balloon, but if film and television have taught us anything, it’s that it was definitely a coverup for a flying saucer crash. And if it was on TV, it must be true.

    Therefore we will venture where no government has dared to venture before, and we will acknowledge the fact that there are aliens living among us by celebrating the anniversary of their crash on Earth with the exciting Project 51!

    Is this our 51st editing project? No! It’s just the one with all the aliens. 😏 Join us for this editing marathon about alien-themed movies and television! The Movies/TV Vertical (M/TV) have got it planned and we want you invo…

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  • BertH

    Today, all communities have a new tool available to use: Announcements. This tool directs all recently active members of the community to a specific page or post via a notification.

    Announcements is a replacement for both Forum’s ‘highlight’ function and Community Messages. Those older features require a recipient to visit the community in order to see a notice. With Announcements, the notification is delivered to the recipient no matter where they are on FANDOM.

    Announcements notifications are sent to users on both the wiki and Discussions if they have contributed to either in the last 90 days. The notices are delivered via the notifications system currently used by Discussions, and will be displayed on mobile browsers. Very soon, Announceme…

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  • BertH

    The FANDOM staff blog is a place where users can read news and updates from the FANDOM Community and Product teams. It’s also been a place where staff post advice about how to effectively manage a community, build content, and participate on FANDOM.

    Starting today, we’re splitting these two subject matters into separate blogs that users can subscribe to individually.

    The main staff blog will continue to focus on news from FANDOM about feature changes and other developments. You can expect to see more information about the development of FANDOM mobile apps and the continuing work around modernization.

    The new blog is called Community Management and will feature advice and suggestions for admins and users on FANDOM communities. Popular past blo…

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  • BertH
    This blog is Part 2 of 2. Part 1 was released Tuesday and can be read here.

    Earlier this week we introduced you to the Fan Journey. It’s an idea that’s at the heart of making FANDOM a complete and inclusive destination for all fans. There’s a lot more product development work left to be done in order to realize that vision — and 2018 will be a big year for figuring out just how to best do it.

    Over the years we’ve released a lot of features designed to reach a wider audience. We’ve had different apps, different products, and different ways to contribute and view content across platforms. But as each one of those solved different problems, a common theme emerged: the site had many disconnected and often confusing access points. The video below…

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