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Hello, welcome to this blog! I’m going to give some advice on how to build a successful community! Most of the newly-made community running on Unified Community Platform gives default Wiki Rules, and a Main Page design.

Before you Start

Think of a topic and a good name for your wiki! For example, a better name for “Guides and Tutorials Wiki” can be “Community Development Help Wiki” (don’t try that out, there is already Fandom Developers Wiki, please). You can also plan out what are you going to include in the wiki!

Make the articles!

First, create your main page! It is the key page, as new and visiting people will definitely reach this page first. Give an introduction, description, and some other information! Put in some photos too!

After you have made the main page, your wiki needs a set of rules. They will suggest a set of rules for wiki administrators to edit, and you can always extend them, for example putting 3-4 sections, the General Rules, Editing Guidelines, Punishment Policies, and Staff Rules! You can check out w:c:bubble-gum-simulator:Community:Rules, w:c:bgs-community-content:BGS_Community_Content_Wiki:Rules, Community Central Guidelines, and maybe other wikis for more examples!

Third, you should make a staff page. The page would be for users to recognise staff members more easily if they require assistance. Put the profile picture, link to the user, link to their message walls, their roles, and their descriptions for each staff member. You could even have an infobox for them! For an example, check out w:c:bacon-gang:Bacon_Gang_Wiki:Staff.

Lastly, you should have the following: A place about your topic, a key event, an important article, the first series, character, or episode of the topic, and recently changed pages. Make users recognise the wiki even more.


You can always customise your wiki with the theme designer (Special:ThemeDesigner), customise the Wiki Navigation (MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation), customise the Local CSS (MediaWiki:Wikia.css and MediaWiki:Common.css), customise the Wikia JS (MediaWiki:Common.js), and much more! If you want a more professional version of guides to CSS, JS, and MediaWiki, go to Fandom Developers Wiki.

Okay, so, I’m not really telling you to advertise, but in some wikis, such as BGSCC Wiki (Rules), they allow advertising. If you can’t, you can share it out at Facebook, Instagram, Discord, or other apps!

Create a Profile!

Now that you’re wiki is ready, go ahead and create your profile so that people can recognise you as the Founder!