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BaconBoi1111 BaconBoi1111 7 December 2020

Choosing staff

Hey guys, welcome to the blog! In this blog, I will be giving advise on choosing staff members for your community. Most of the communities might choose staff randomly just because they have applied for it, or because the wiki is sort of 'dead', or that they only know how to edit. However, would anyone suspect them as people who vandalise? Would anyone know them as untrustworthy people? Perhaps not, because they are already a staff member. But then, you would never know if they have a hint of wanting to vandalise.

Of course, I’m not telling you to suspect all the staff members in your community just because they have less than 100 edits or because they are the owner’s friend, or because they applied while the wiki was dead. But there might be …

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BaconBoi1111 BaconBoi1111 30 November 2020

How to show Leadership as the Wiki Founder

Hey guys, welcome to this blog! In this blog, I will be showing you how to show Leadership as Wiki Founder! Wiki Founders have an extra tag named “Founder”, together with Administrator (commonly referred as ()

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BaconBoi1111 BaconBoi1111 29 November 2020

Administrator’s Help Guide

Hi, welcome to the blog! In here, you can find advice on how to be a good administrator for your favourite community!

In order to become an administrator, you need to be a respectful member of the community. You might also need to be a moderator first, under circumstances, and it’s quite usual in some wiki communities. You also need a bureaucrat, or anyone with certain global roles, to promote you to administrator. You can also get the role by adopting an inactive wiki, or Creating a new Wiki (you get bureaucrat with administrator rights if you create a wiki, and sometimes you get it to if you adopt it). Personally I recommend you to be at an advanced level of editing before applying, or it might end up difficult for you.

If you are now an adm…

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BaconBoi1111 BaconBoi1111 29 November 2020

FANDOM Wiki Adoption Form Suggestion

Hey there! Nothing much in this blog, just a Wiki Adoption Form Suggestion. If you’re a fandom staff, it would be appreciated if you update the Wiki Adoption Form. Thanks!

  • What is your username?
  • What is the topic about the wiki?
  • Present the link to the Wiki.
  • How many edits have you done on that wiki?
  • How long have you joined the wiki?
  • What would be your preferred role on the wiki?
  • How do you plan to improve the wiki?
  • Why do you want to improve the wiki?
  • When was the last edit made by an admin, and who was it?
  • State any other notes:

BaconBoi1111 talk (

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BaconBoi1111 BaconBoi1111 28 November 2020

How to build a successful Community

Hello, welcome to this blog! I’m going to give some advice on how to build a successful community! Most of the newly-made community running on Unified Community Platform gives default Wiki Rules, and a Main Page design.

  • 1 Before you Start
  • 2 Make the articles!
  • 3 Customise!
  • 4 Advertise and share!
  • 5 Create a Profile!

Think of a topic and a good name for your wiki! For example, a better name for “Guides and Tutorials Wiki” can be “Community Development Help Wiki” (don’t try that out, there is already Fandom Developers Wiki, please). You can also plan out what are you going to include in the wiki!

First, create your main page! It is the key page, as new and visiting people will definitely reach this page first. Give an introduction, description, and some o…

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