Hello you beautiful person you. Here are about 40 or so questions for you to answer! Just keep inside the ToU


1. Hi! What's your username?

2. What colour is your hair naturally?

3. What colour is your hair now?

4. How many languages do you speak?

5. What languages are they?

6. What colour are your eyes?

7. What is your favorite colour?

8. What is your favorite country?

9. What is your favorite time period?

10. What is your favorite historical event?

11. What is your favorite food?

12: What sports do you play?

13. What is your favorite animal?

14. What is your spirit animal?

15. Zodiac?

16. Hogwarts house?

17. PS4 or 360?

18. Favorite band?

19. Favorite book?

20. Favorite song?

21. Favorite movie?

22. Favorite game?

23. Favorite actor?

24. Favorite author?

25. Favorite TV show?

26. Favorite Wiki?

27. Any siblings?

28. Any pets?

29. Favorite anime?

30. Hetalia?

31. How many children are you planning on having?

32. Do you understand binary?

33. Favorite childhood memory?

34. What's most important to you?

35. Do you plan on getting married?

36. Favorite fictional place?

37. Favorite district?

38. What was your school uniform like (if you had one)?

39. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

40. Why are you not Kawaii, nor a Unicorn?

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