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The cronut (croissant donut hybrid) opened the door to the world of Frankenfood. What is a Frankenfood, you ask? A Frankenfood is two foods mashed up into one incredibly delicious, gluttonous, and mind-boggling creation. Check out some of these new creations in addition to our three contest-winning fictional Frankenfoods from the Wikia universe.


Just in time for summer, we have some frozen hybrid foods that will cool you down and psyche you up. Let's start with the basics- who doesn't love pie with a big scoop of ice cream on top? Um, we do! We do! What if you blended both together until they became a smooth drinkable milkshake? Introducing... the Pie Shake.

A new grown up version of the ice cream sandwich has arrived. It involves another childhood favorite- rice krispie treats. Take two rice krispie treats, sandwich them around your favorite ice cream, dunk the whole thing in chocolate, and freeze. Treat House in NYC has started this trend and we are expecting to see a lot more of these!

We have a new hybrid that might make you cringe...but bear with me. Fish and Chips Ice Cream is now a thing (created by the British, of course). A scoop of mint pea ice cream, a scoop with real fish covered in batter sprinkles, and a single french fry on top make up the infamous Fish and Chips Ice Cream cone.


Ramen is slowly taking over the world. First came the Ramen Burger, then Ramen Tacos, now enter the Ramenritto. A ramenritto is a tortilla wrapped around flavorful ramen noodles with pickled veggies, cheese, meat, and more! (Special shout out to another burrito frankenfood: the Mac and Cheese Burrito).

Okay let's be was only a matter of time before Pizza Cake became a thing. Imagine a layer cake, but each layer is a different kind of pizza. This would take birthday cakes to the next level.

The creators of Umami Burger are coming at you with the next "it" thing- ChocoChicken. They are literally combining two of the world's greatest foods- fried chicken and chocolate. White chocolate mashed potatoes, dark chocolate ketchup, and a super top secret marinade for the chicken containing chocolate.


Waffle batter that is pressed, fried, and dunked in icing is now known as the "wonut" (waffle donut). As if waffles couldn't get any better!

The sister of the infamous cronut is the crogel- a croissant bagel hybrid. Croissant dough is shaped like a bagel, kettle boiled, and baked. The dough is flaky and tender in the center.

Now, you'll never have to decide between a scone and a muffin again to go with your morning coffee. Introducing, the "scuffin". This scone muffin hybrid has a shot of berry preserves in the center to finish it off.


A special shout out to everyone who entered our Frankenfood Contest, where users mashed up one fictional food from the Wikia universe with one real food for the ultimate franken-hybrid! Presenting our three winners...

Seth Cooper from the Harry Potter Wiki created Levitating Lemonade, a combination of Fizzing Whizzbees and lemonade. "Drinking this will make you float a few inches off the ground!"

BrandonFox from the Fallout Wiki created the BlamCo Mac & Cheese Bacon Sandwich, officially named The Pre-War Deluxe. "Taste this delicacy of the Old-World lounge lizards and discover the calories you've always missed!"

YazzyDream from the Gravity Falls Wiki created Smile Dip Cotton Candy. This "illegal" sweet treat will have you running back for seconds!


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