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Congratulations! You have started a new community with a lot of possibilities to grow! But before that, you must start somewhere.

Give it a new look![]

When you were creating your wiki, you had an option to choose a starter appearance. However, you have more options available after it is created. You can find a tool to further customize it in this menu.

ThemeDesigner quick access

Place your cursor over the three dots and it should open a menu and a link to Theme Designer.

After it loads, you should explore all the options you can personalize from there! Change the colors, set a background image and tweak how you want your wiki to look in its light and dark themes.

ThemeDesigner example

You can try different colors and see how will your wiki look.

Start writing![]

Visitors may want to know what is your wiki about, so why don't you start writing about its topic? Wikis are continuously being improved, don't worry if you miss some points, you will be able to tweak it later. You can always find a button to create a page in the same menu we used before.

CreatePage quick access

You can create a page from anywhere in your wiki.

CreatePage modal

It will open this box, where you can type the title of what you want to write about.

Share your wiki![]

If you know others fans for your wiki's topic, share it with them! They may help you to improve the content, or at least provide feedback you can use to make things better. Additionally, you can introduce your wiki here!

Introduce your wiki

You can create a new post to introduce your wiki, maybe you'll find someone interested in your topic that was just waiting for a wiki to be created!