1. All right, I really hate it when people complain about UCP, it makes me sick. Those of you complaining about it, just shut up. Higher-ups like C.Syde, Tupka, and Mr. Woodhouse ( not necassarily in that order ) have put up with it for so long, which is an amazing feat; those guys are awesome. Anyways, UCP is not all bad like the complainers say. Wikis still have a lot of benificial traits, though Legacy may have been a bit better. 

2. As of December of 2020, UCP IS UNFINISHED. If you're still gonna complain about it, you might as well suggest things that could make it better, e.g. "bring back classic editor." 

3. ( This one is not related to UCP ) Sorry, I know that I talk like an admin, I'm not one. It just makes me sick when people critisize something unfinished that people work so hard on.

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