Arceus The God of Pokemon

aka Rahul

  • I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • I was born on April 4
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Arceus The God of Pokemon

    Interested in Pokemon? Want to be part of a major wiki that's nearly 10 years old? Head over to Pokemon Wiki, the wiki completely endorsed in Pokemon. Pokemon wiki has been declining for the past 1 year and we have over 8000 articles but a lot of them still lack information. We need an active community team to take up the challenges. 

    The following positions are open:

    1. Designer

    2. Editors

    3. Programmers


    A. User rights ranging from Rollback to Bureaucrat.

    B. Be Part of an exciting community.

    C. Take part in battles and tournaments.

    D. Win attractive prizes. (Coming soon

    E. Be part of the PokePower, an organization dedicated in serving the entire PokeCommunity.

    Our goal is to one day, become better than Bulbapedia. But for that, we're go…

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  • Arceus The God of Pokemon

    How can I become a Wiki Helper? Do you have to pay money or something to become? I have about 3,000 edits totally and I'm:

    1. Sysop on Pokemon Answers Wiki
    2. Bureaucrat of DBF Answers Wiki
    3. Sysop on Pokemon Wiki
    4. Bureaucrat and Sysop of Inazuma Fanon Wiki
    5. Sysop of Inazuma Eleven Fan Fiction Wiki
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  • Arceus The God of Pokemon

    Hi! I've noticed that some Wikis eg:- Pokemon Wiki has badges. So how can I create Wiki Badges on my Wiki? Tnx for letting me know!

    P.S: If I have to be an Administrator, its O.K. since I am an Administrator on Pokemon Answers Wiki (Yes, I need to create Badges on Pokemon Answers Wiki)

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  • Arceus The God of Pokemon

    What are Wiki Bots? And how do you become a Bot on a Wiki? Do you have to be B-crat/Admin. on that Wiki to become a Wiki Bot? And what are their special powers?

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