Well, you had witnessed a new editor being implemented into Logopedia a few days ago, aren't you? Well, things are getting a bit crazy, as I had noticed galleries having a bug where images had been resized as I thought it might count as a bug or an actual glitch somehow, so... here are steps to make galleries from pages to look good as new again (Not applied to any users who still see the gallery looking normal for them rarely).

1: You know what you have to do when editing the galleries; click the Edit button

2: To actually edit galleries, click one or more galleries (after the first) to actually see the "Edit" button

3: When you see one or more images have both buttons: Delete and Edit, click edit

4: When the "Edit caption" option appears, just click the check (or Finish, whatever it's called) button without doing anything and click Apply after that

5 (Final Step): Just click "Save" and you're done, galleries would now look good as new again

I hope those steps helped you guys out with the gallery or more of them somehow, if those don't work on either one page, send the link to me and I'll manage either of them, thanks for following the first tutorial that I had made .

(This text has been copied from my post I made on October 16, here, you'll be redirected to that post from Logopedia I just made)

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