So throughout my time on Wikia, especially on this wiki, I’ve experienced many users seeking answers or help with whatever it is they need. I’d say most users ask any user in general about their problem and how to solve it. But then there are some users who only seek assistance from the admins/moderators of the wiki mainly on chat.

Why? Because they’re moderators, therefore, they’re most likely to know the answer to whatever questions you have, in regard to this wiki, about Wikia in general since Community Central is the center of it. Most of the time, that is probably the case. However, there are other users who frequent this wiki often, who are not moderators, that could provide you with the same answers to your questions, regardless of whatever their official position is on the wiki, if any position at all.

So here’s my issue (if you haven’t guessed already): Users ignoring all users except moderators, or mods, as they like to call them.

There are a couple users who come to mind. One will not listen to a single thing a regular user says to them because regular users could not possibly be right until a mod confirms that they are. And then there’s another user who only gives recognition to mods. And there’s proof of that too. A frequent user of chat gets promoted to chat moderator, and suddenly this user acknowledges he even exists. That is very belittling and degrading, and I try not to waste my time with users who are that inconsiderate and rude. It’s because of that that I’ve really considered wanting to have the chat moderator icons be removed entirely from chat so users don’t just focus on them and have no regard for anybody else.

Yes, I understand that in some wikis like this one, mini-modding is not allowed, which is why, if you’re a regular user, you need to be careful how you word things and sound more like you’re suggesting rather than commanding. And just because the mods are gone for the moment, does not mean that the rules suddenly just disappear. It doesn’t hurt to have a user or two or a few to try and help you out.

Just the other day, on another wiki, a user asked a question, but only requested that a mod/admin respond. But the thing is, it was just a general question that anybody could've answered for him. (I believe it was something about his avatar? [And, yes, it is a wiki that I happen to be a Discussions Moderator on, but that’s besides the point.]) By the time I had first seen it, his question was already answered, some by an admin and a co-moderator of mine and some from a regular user or two. I made a comment anyway. Not about his question, but about his request. I told him to not make requests like that. Anybody is free to answer a question you may have if they know the answer to it and to please not belittle them for doing so just because they're not “mods”. I myself have been assumed/asked if I were an admin here on Community Central based on the number of edits I have and the amount of help I provide with what I know as often as I can every single day. But here’s a secret: I’m not. I’m just a regular user like you that greatly enjoys providing the help I offer to anyone in need of it. And I'm not the only one as well. You can be one too!

Seriously, how do you think users become moderators? Do you honestly believe they didn’t know a single thing before being officially promoted and then started to learn? No. That is hardly ever the case. Here’s another secret: They use to be regular users just like you. They devoted their time to learn and be able to answer the same questions that they themselves used to ask when they first created an account here. You can do the same as well, and who knows where you'll be at in the mere future.


So, what are the differences between moderators and regulars users?

The answer may surprise you:
Absolutely nothing.

I mean, yeah, besides the obvious. They kick/ban/block troublemakers. They enforce the rules. But that’s it. When you’re having a problem with a user, or anything in general that goes against the rules, then that’s when you want to only seek an admin or moderator as they are the only ones that can help you out. Otherwise, on other general matters, any regular user, including you, can provide help to anybody seeking it. You just gotta be willing to learn and have the patience and dedication to do so.

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