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    August 26, 2016 by AngrydroidForce99

    Hello, Wikians and... Tenretnians. Yes. I said that. What is a Tenretnian? It's an inhabitant of Tenretni. What is Tenretni, well, there are two, that's right, two definitions:

    1.Astronomy A large KBO that somehow has light, it is definitely an anomaly. It is speculated that the light is provided by a group of people in the planet's core, but it is mostly denied.
    2.A series created by AngrydroidForce99 that details the adventures of a group of people who live on Tenretni

    "Angry, what is the meaning of this pointless blog?"

    So some people look at my story series.

    "Okay, continue."

    Look at it.

    Tenretni is about, well, what the definitions says. If you want me to be more precise, Tenretni is...

    Spoil it, spoil it.

    Tenretni is about the main character …

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    1. Fandyllic
    2. 452
    3. PhilippL
    4. Eladkse
    5. DEmersonJMFM
    6. Annabeth and Percy
    7. SpikeToronto
    8. AdorableDarling
    9. KurwaAntics
    10. Maurice.136
    11. Dessamator
    12. Penguin-Pal
    13. Robin Patterson
    14. ChaoticShadow
    15. Crazy Muzzarino
    16. FrenchTouch
    17. Original Authority
    18. Saftzie
    19. JPhil2.0
    20. TheOne1000
    21. Pinkgirl234
    22. Echoblast53
    23. TheV1ct0ri0u5
    24. C.Syde65
    25. Acer4666
    26. AngrydroidForce99 (yay me)
    27. PedroM
    28. Monochromatic Bunny
    29. Nicko756
    30. Undead.exe
    31. Sxerks
    32. KeithMckinney89
    33. Darytyg123123
    34. Energy X
    35. Digifiend
    36. PapiDimmi
    37. TableWiz
    38. Sweety pie skyler
    39. OneTwoThreeFall
    40. Webkinz Mania
    41. Xd1358
    42. Slayingthehalcyon
    43. Tycio
    44. Nikolai Banks
    45. The girl with the purple hair
    46. Abce2
    47. Miststream
    48. Fujiwara No Moku
    49. MissPappnase
    50. Jrooksjr

    ...and a couple of extra too, because why not

    1. Dinoguy100
    2. Antvasima
    3. StarmanW
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    Foki Forum

    July 27, 2016 by AngrydroidForce99

    Foki Forum is a wiki I made dedicated to communication and sharing your drawings and stuff with people. There is no single thing you have to write(r) about, just post stuff. Ask questions and stuff. If you make a wiki you can post about it on the forums.

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    I had an idea to keep Wikians up to date with events happening on Wikia by using WikiNews. It is what it sounds like. News about Wikia. The pages come in the form of blogs on Community Central.

    Use the WikiNews template. You can write notes at the bottom. Also, think about what you are going to write before you write it.

    Message me if you want to volunteer to be a reporter or newsman (the newsmen go to certain wikis of their choice.

    NOTE: This is news about stuff happening everywhere on Wikia, so it is a good idea to spread the word.


    Creates blogs about a subject using the said template above.

    Goes around certain wikis of their choice and look for anything interesting. They create a Pastebin paste or multiple about any random happenings…

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    I recently made a wiki called WikiLibrary, a wiki that is basically a library on the Internet. You can put your stuff on there for people to read. If you made an information thing (like a list of true parrot species or an article about DNA). There is also a series called The WeirdnessofAnger about random stuff. The category TheWeirdnessofAnger should list all of them. Look at the wiki activity and contributions to see the most recent ones. Also, btw, the only you have when putting stuff there is the ToU. So, you can basically write anything.

    If you wish to help, you can ask me in the comments if you want to.

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