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Writing a blog.

Howdy Wikians, it's explanation time. I'm Andrew and you can find me editing actively here or on Code Wiki. It's time I write another helpful, explanatory blog.

Writing a good blog is vital for Community Highlights. So I'm here to show you how to avoid your blog from being deleted from a housekeeper. These are musts in order to not get your blogs deleted. If you do these things, go to heading 3 for tips and suggestions. So let's go and begin our curious adventure!

The Vital "Musts" for No Deletion

  1. Don't write one or two line blogs that are spammy, advertising, and/or that hurts other's feelings.
2. No weird, random words or criticism.
3. Blank blogs - this one is the most important. There is a bug when you press the "Enter" key it just publishes a blank blog.

Notice Templates

You may get a {{One line blog|<Blog Name>}} or {{Blank blog}}. What it just means is that your blog can be deleted. I am not going to write the text here, but that's the basic idea/meaning.


  1. Use proper grammar when writing.
2. Add a/some picture(s).
3. If needed, add any links.
4. Take time to think you're writing over. Also, if you want to save it, but has no content, I suggest you make a blog draft.
5. Add an explanatory essay.

So if you've done these requirements and suggestions, you should be eligible for a highlight. Also, feel free to bookmark it and/or use it as a checklist!

This is all I have for now, until then, see you next time!

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