Hello Guys,

There is a wikia I made earlier this year! There is no other The Dumping Ground Wikia and I would love it if you could come and help me out. I would really appreciate it if you came and help me build this wiki. Here are a few details about the wiki:

What is the Wikia called? It is called The Dumping Ground Series 1–5 Wikia.

Link To The Wikia:–5_Wikia

What is it about? A show called "The Dumping Ground" that is the third show of the Tracy Beaker Franchise. It is Kids comedy and is about children's life in a care home.

Why are you making a Wikia about this topic? There is no official wiki for "The Dumping Ground" and also to start friendship groups over the internet.

Why might people want to join your community? To help me expand and create a The Dumping Ground Wiki. Also, to share there knowledge on the show and make new friends.

What do you want to do with the Wikia in the future? Well I want more and more people to join the community and keep the wiki running. Maybe after a few years I may find someone who loves and knows the show even better than me.

How could you help others out? I am an experienced editor and would like to give other fellow users tips and train people to even them making a Wikia.

Sorry I cannot access a photo, be sure to check out my Wikia and please become a member and help me build this Wikia! If you want to see what the topic is about, just click the link and you can view "The Dumping Ground".

Thanks, Andi Cruz1

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