Hey there. I'm the founder of the Adopt Me Fan Ideas Wiki. I have founded the wiki on 8th December, 2020.

Adopt Me is a ROBLOX game developed by DreamCraft. It was built at 2017 and has 18B+ visits. There are around 300,000 players in the game per day and got favourited 17.2M times! It was last updated at December 1st, 2020.

Adopt Me Fan Ideas Wiki is to create fan-made concepts and items including pets, potions, upgrades, eggs, shop and maybe even a whole update! The wiki is dead, and we need you to make it alive. It has 168 edits by 0 active users to 1 articles, with 1 image uploaded and 1 administrator(s) operating the wiki.

Please note that it is only for Fan Content! To see the official Adopt Me! Wiki, see Adopt Me! Wiki. Real pages on the Fan Ideas wiki will be removed.

I will be making challenges, monthly announcements/blogs, and opening staff applications when getting the required amount of users, and I'll be decorating and improving the wiki via Admin Dashboard, and I'll be thrilled to have another user to help me!

If you join, it would make my day. I would most appreciate it if we can hit just 15 joins!

Please and thank you,
Warm regards,
Amelia GamePlayz -talk

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