Hello All, Why are we so attached to technology? It seems that having some sort of technology is the norm. I can't go to a shopping mall or restaurant without seeing a toddler playing on a cell phone or IPad. I will even go over to a friends house and their five year old son will have a cell phone of there own, texting away! How crazy is that? I am 24 years old and did not get my first cell phone until I was 15 years old. If I was bored I did not get to go on the computer or use the phone, I went outside to play. I feel that kids nowadays are being lazy, and staying inside to play on their different types of technology. I remember the days going over to friends houses and if there were more than two TVs in the house, it was so cool! Now, it seems that every home has a TV in every room. We even have TVs on our refrigerators now! I understand technology has so much to offer, but are we restricting our younger youth of a childhood by allowing them to have to much access to technology? Just because technology is so advanced does it mean we have to let our children use it? Is there a age to when we should start exposing them to the different forms of technology? I say there should be a age when we allow them to be on different types of technology. I think it should be 14, or first year in high school. Overall, I think that even though our world is becoming more advanced, doesn't mean our kids should become reliant on it. My kids will know how to use an actual Dictionary, and play time will involve the outdoors, not a IPad! Let me know your thoughts! Let's start a great discussion!

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