Movie War 2017

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost With Legend Riders. Aka Movie War 2017

A while back, I posted a blog on hyping Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, the video game themed doctor hero of the 27th Kamen Rider Series.

Recently announced was a bit of a shocker, the Kamen Riders will meet Pac-Man! This actually make sense from a promotional and story standpoint. Bandai has been merged with Namco for years now and thus own the rights to Pac-Man and this gaming Rider series references various video games.

Heck, Kamen Rider Wiki hasn't even left the first episode of the TV show yet and already they have made references to Mario, Sonic, the Wonderswan, Mega Man and the Gen-San games aka Hammerin' Harry. We had to get to the original icon of video games at some point. For those doing a double take and thinking this is just some elaborate fanfic, here is the film's website to verify.

While the story hasn't been fully revealed yet, the description from translation of the Teaser Trailer is a computer virus called "Pacman" wreaks havoc on Japan and infects the citizens of Tokyo. However, Ex-Aid will not be facing this threat alone as his senior Riders are coming to help. Revealed so far are 4 Riders from the past four series from 2012-2015: Wizard, Gaim, Drive, and Ex-Aid's immediate predecessor Ghost.

On top of all this, this film is the final installment of Toei's Superhero Year event which celebrates 45 years of Kamen Rider and 40 years of its sister series Super Sentai. We are hyped about this crossover and cannot wait to see Ex-Aid level up to the big screen!

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